2016 Top 10

                                                      THON MAKER

       Thon Maker came to the US. and made a huge splash in the class of 2016's pool.He attended the prestigious John Lucas camp and displayed athleticism and agility rarely seen from a 14yr. old, let alone one that stands 6'11. He has a huge upside that most of us cant wait to see ! Check out the video below!!!


                                  KHALEA TURNER
  I went to see Khalea play at AAU Nationals this past summer. He was a man amongst boys. His game is very old school but solid; drop steps, hook shots and he led the break on a few occasions. He led his team, Louisiana Prime Time to the AAU National championship. This young man will be one to watch!!



     Standing 6'8" in middle school is shocking. But to stand 6'8" and have skills on the basketball court is even more shocking!! Michael Cage Jr. comes from a basketball bloodline so he didn't have any choice but to play the game. His dad Michael Cage was a former first round NBA draft pick (14th ). From watching him play I see he picked up a lot of his game from his dad. Keep an eye on this young man, he may have his fathers future ahead of him (NBA). Check out the video above.


  Mr. Davis is a prospect that hadn't been seen a whole lot on the camp and showcase circuit
in the midwest or the south. But he showed up at the John Lucas camp and held his own against other middle school players in the 2016 class. He is agile and has good post moves. With his height and steadily improving skill set, he has a bright future. Check out the video above.

                                   JOSHUA JACKSON
     This kid has game! He is a reclassification from the class of 2015. He is basically a 6'5" shooting guard. Ive seen him in action at several tournaments around the country in 2011 and came away impressed each time. He has ball handling skills. He can easily penetrate and possesses a zone crushing jump shot. I hope to see him at some camps and showcases this summer to see what level his game is at now. (video N/A)


                                                                VJ KING
    He gets my vote as having a chance to move up to the number one spot in the class of 2016 rankings. I'm basing this on the mad potential he has . He is not only playing varsity basketball as an 8th grader; he is actually logging minutes (sometimes starting) and scoring. He already has a leg up on most ranked players in the class of 2016. VJ has a tremendous upside.  
                                                           VJ Kings video


    I watched Edrice play at AAU Nationals over the summer. I could tell the moment he hit the floor that he was a very athletic big. He ran the floor well and cleaned up on the boards. At Clay Dades JR. All American Camp, I got a chance to see the offensive side of his game. He has a nice turn around jumper and decent post moves. His upside is that he has a motor that is always in high gear. Click pic for video.


                               DAVION THOMAS
    When you hear people talk about Davion Thomas you usually hear the words "long and lanky". Being long and lanky works out perfect on the court when you have the skills to match. Davion is very aggressive on the boards (he hasn't seen a rebound he doesn't like). He also has a decent inside game. As he continues to improve the offensive side of his game, Mr. Thomas will be one to watch!! (Video N/A)

                                ALGEVON EICHELBERGER JR.
    Big Al,which is what they called him at the Jr. All American camp; has as many youtube videos as he does letters in his name. I saw his videos and was impressed with his skill set. When I got a chance to see him live at AAU Nationals and the Jr. All American camp I was even more impressed.He was blocking shots and keeping penetrating guards at bay. He has great foot work,good post moves and can push the rock up the floor. With hard work,he has a chance to be a good D1 player.

                                                   Algevon Eichelberger JR.s video


  I watched Harry Giles at the 2011 AAU Nationals. He has a high basketball IQ for a big man. He fed players the ball form the high and low post when he didnt have a shot and he displayed good post moves as well. He was also a good shot blocker on the defensive end. Once he gets stronger physically and develops more on the offensive end he will be a good D1 prospect.
                                                            Harry Giles video