2015 Top 10

                            STEPHEN ZIMMERMAN
      Zimmerman has a chance to be a very special player. He’s already 6’10″ and still growing. He can play inside and outside like Dirk Nowitzki. He has good coordination and is very agile. He is currently attending Bishop Gorman Prep in Las Vegas. Zimmerman has the potential to be a dominate force in high school as well as college. He has received offers from schools from all around the country. Keep your eyes on this young man!!!!         
                                                           Zimmermans video

                                                   MICKEY MITCHELL       
      I've watched Mickey Mitchell for a year now and the kid is a baller. His game kind or reminds me of Mike Dunlvey but with a little more smoothness. He has a developing jump shot and is very strong and athletic around the basket. Mickey currently attends Prestonwood Christian and is a starter. He is a good player and I'm eager to see how will he will develop in a few years.
                                                                   Mickey's Video

    I've been watching Mr. Jackson since last year. He is very athletic and attacks the rim with force and dominance. He has been working on his handles and jump shot and they are getting better by the day. This kid has loads of potential and is only going to get better. Can't wait to see him on the AAU circuit this summer.
                                                              Justins video

                                                   KARL TOWNS

         Towns is a very versatile big man. He is basically a shooting guard in a bigs body. He has good post moves and excellent outside range. He's good from the block and beyond the 3pt. line. With his ambidextrous style of  play Karl has a chance to be an elite player for years to come. Keep a look out for Mr. Towns, because he will eventually be on your favorite college and NBA team!!

                                                                    Karls video


                                  MALIK NEWMAN  
      Malik Newman has basketball flowing through his veins. His father is  Horatio Webster (in picture above) ;a former Mississippi State basketball star. Malik is a starting guard for Calloway high school out of Jackson,Mississippi. He has ridiculous range on his jump shot and can attack the basket with ease. With a 22.9 points. and 5 rebounds average as a freshman,this kid is destined for greatness.
                                                                     Maliks video

                                     KING MCCLURE   
    King already possesses the body of a high school senior. To make it even worse (for his opponent's) he has the game to match. He has a very fast first step; which gets him to the rim when ever he feels like it. He can also nail the three and he has an excellent mid range game. He has the tools to be an elite guard at the next level.
                                             King's video

                                                  KEJUAN JOHNSON
   Kejuan was a man amongst boys in the middle school era of his career. He had a mans body and game when other players were just starting to fill out and learn the game. Kejuan has a great post game and a good mid range game as well. He can also step out side the arc and knock it down. His ball handling is a work in progress and is getting better daily. This kid will definitely be a good D1 prospect .
                                          Kejuan's video

                                                  TYLER DORSEY
  Mr. Dorseys game has evolved well over the last two years. He has his mid range game down to a science. He can pic and pop all around the court with ease. His handles are good and he can get to the basket with out any problems. With his height and skill set,he will be a great guard on the D1 level in a few years.
                                                                  Tylers video


                                    JALEN JENKINS
  Jalen's game is very smooth. He has the ability to hurt a team inside and out.  He has a high motor and is very athletic. His ball handling is very good and it compliments his mid range game very well.  With  his height plus his athletic ability,Jalen has a chance to be a good  D1 prospect. Updated video N/A

                                                         PERRY DOZIER JR. 
  Dozier has a very high basketball IQ. His ball handling is outstanding and he is very good at creating space with it.   He can shoot the rock with the best of them. Perry has an assortment of floaters and a nice mid range game.  With the full  package he has, he should remain a high major D1 prospect.       
                                                                Perrys video