Saturday, July 7, 2012


    VJ King played well at the 2012 Fab Frosh camp. The year he spent playing high school ball in NC. has really paid off. His game is very smooth and refined. You can tell he has patented it after a certain NBA player (Kobe). That game was put on full display during team play. He showed he possessed a nice mid range game. His height and frame made it easy for him to attack the basket. VJ played his way into the top 20 all star game. His play in that game was no where near a measurement of how he performed overall at the camp. He was guarded by Jayson Tatum in the top 20 game and he  made it a point to play top notch defense on Mr. King. So his output in the top 20 all star game wasn't his best. VJ will be a player to watch for years to come. He should be number one on every body's ranking after AAU nationals if he isn't already. He is definitely a Nations Elite Prospect!

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