Friday, July 6, 2012

Ben Coupet @ The 2012 Fab Frosh Camp

     We got the chance to see Mr. Coupet play several times at the Fab Frosh camp. His performance at the camp led to him being selected to play in the top 20 allstar game. He played on a very talented team at the camp that had two additional top 20 players (Eron Gordon and Algevon Eichelberger). The main part of his game that stands out right now is his slashing ability. He got to the basket at will. He made several above the rim plays so theres no questioning his athleticism. He is going to have to improve his mid range game and 3pt. shot. That should come in time as he continues to work on his game. This kid has a ton of potential. He will be attending Simeon high school in Chicago this fall. His father also attended Simeon and was a very good player there. So from all indications, like father like son.

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