Sunday, May 27, 2012


                                                John Lucas speaking to the campers.

    The 2012 John Lucas IMSC was packed full of major talent this year. The camp catered to elite players of the class of 2016; which I believe has the potential to be one best classes we've seen. There were also some elite 2017 campers in attendance. Day one started out with John Lucas addressing the players and letting them know that he expected them to work hard and give their all while there. Then the players took a test which asked questions which could help forecast a future career.  The test was a nice addition to the camp which showed the kids that life is not just about basketball, its also about planning for a future beyond basketball.

Campers taking their tests
    Next up was a warm up period which consisted of stretching. Then came the station segment of the camp. The stations were dynamic and consisted of ball handling, pull up jumpers, combo moves and several other game situations. There was a yoga station and a strengthening and conditioning station that took place outside on the track. The players went hard at each station; giving each other all they could. There was one station that had the players go one on one that was great. I got the chance to see Jayshaun Agosto and (2017) Jaylin Fleming go at each other in that station. (Click on the last sentence to see video of the two.)  The part of the camp that we all were waiting for was next and that was the scrimmage play of the teams the staff had pre-selected to team up and battle each other. Every position was represented well, from the bigs to the guards. There were tons of high light reel dunks, drop steps, threes, cross overs and lets not forget defense, lol. Day two of the camp was just as good as the first. The players stretched and got right into their stations. During the scrimmage play I noticed that some players had stepped up their game from the day before. That's just a testament to the talent that was on hand. Over all this camp had the most talent I have ever seen assembled in one venue from kids in this class. The camp was well ran and very organized. The staff on hand was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to push each player. I can't forget the man "John Lucas".  He spoke to the kids from his heart about his life story and what path to take to get what they need out of this game. So good job Mr. Lucas, Brian Merrit and staff.

                            JOHN LUCAS IMSC TOP 30 PLAYERS

1. Deron Davis 6'9 Denver, CO

2. Joshua Langford 6'4  Huntsville, AL

3. Khalea Turner  6'8 Marrero, LA

4.  Rodney Miller Jr.  6'9  Laurelton, NY
5.  Jayson Tatum  6'5 St. Louis, MO 
6.  Raekwon Bush 6'7 New Orleans, LA
7.  Nnamdi Collins 6'9 Little Rock, AR
8.  Benjamin Coupet 6'6 Chicago, IL
9.  Christian Ellis 6'2  Tracy, CA
10. Adrian Moore  6'3 Conway, AR
11. Mongo Cornett 6'6 Houston, TX
12. Nyrhique Smith 6'2 Tinton Falls, NJ
13. Mario Kelger 6'6 Jackson, MS
14. Algevon Eichelberger jr 6'6  Saginaw, MI
15. Omili Maxwell 6'8 Benton, AR
16. DeShawn Wilson 6'3 Colorado Springs, CO
17. Gilbert Thomas Jr 6'5 Houston, TX
18. Mark Vital 6'3 Lafayette, LA
19. Devin Young 6'6 Citrus Heights, CA
20. James Walker 6'3 College Park, GA

21. Cameron McGriff 6'4  Grand Prairie, TX
22. Nijal Pearson 6'4 Beaumont, TX
23. Kobi' Jordan Stephens Sims 6'4 Alpharetta, GA

24. Derrick Daniels 6'7 Dayton, OH
25. Quentin Goodin 6'2  Campbellsville, KY
26. Christian Turner 5'9 Tyrone, GA
27. Wayde Sims 6'5  Baton Rouge, LA
28. Reggie Taylor 6'8 Memphis, TN,
29. Loren Jackson 5'4  Bradenton, FL
30. Jashoun Agosto 5'5 Federal Way, WA                                                    

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