Friday, January 20, 2012


                                                   KEJUAN JOHNSON
  Kejuan was a man amongst boys in the middle school era of his career. He had a mans body and game when other players were just starting to fill out and learn the game. Kejuan has a great post game and a good mid range game as well. He can also step out side the arc and knock it down. His ball handling is a work in progress and is getting better daily. This kid will definitely be a good D1 prospect .
                                                                   Kejuan's video


  1. Kejuan Johnson was arrested Jan.8, 2013 In Fulton County, GA for aggrevated assault and criminal trespassing.

  2. If you google Georgia will see his mugshot. FYI....they can not post mug shots of minors, which means he is not 16 but actually an adult 18 or older.