Friday, September 21, 2012

The 2012 Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase

     This years Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase (Sept. 22-23) in Columbus,Oh has to be the best one yet. Rob Taylor has turned his show case into a two day event. There will be great talent at the showcase this year from all over the Midwest including players from our neighbors in Canada. The headliner for the event in my opinion is the 2016 Team Ohio versus the 2016 Team Michigan. Should be a great game with top talent from both states that are also recognized on the national level. Click on the logo above for the event schedule and rosters.
                    Check out the 2012 BPR preview video!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Rankings coming in September!!

   Nations Elite will be releasing updated rankings next month for the classes of  2013-2017. We have been busy this summer attending camps, showcases and AAU events around the country trying to get an eye on the nations top prospects. Our rankings will be a reflection of the performances of the players we had a chance to see and their future potential. Stay tuned !!!

Friday, August 17, 2012


        Rakym Felder aka. the Bedstuy bully, lived up to his name at the Fab Frosh camp. He harassed opponent's the entire time there. If it wasn't his smothering defense it was his intimidating and physical style of play. He was too strong and physical for most guards and it showed at camp. He got to the basket and finished through all types of contact. He bullied his way into the top 20 all star game in which he played well. We really like Rakyms game and he will flourish once he develops a consistent  mid range game and jump shot. He is a Nations Elite Prospect!!


        Eron Gordon showed why he is one of the elite scoring guards in this loaded 2016 class at the  Fab Frosh.  He has a very quick first step and his ability to get to the basket is second to none. At times he seemed to toy with guards on opposing teams because they couldn't stay in front of him. His athleticism is off the charts (he can get in the air for dunks with ease). His play got him into the top 20 all star game. He put his athleticism on full display in that game when he came down and dunked on Edrice Adabayo. Eron is going to have to work on his jump shot for the next level. Overall Mr. Gordon had a great showing at  the camp. He is a Nations Elite Prospect!!!



      Braxton Blackwell had a great showing at the Fab Frosh camp. He came in and established his game the minute he touched the floor. One of the main attributes Mr. Blackwell has is his ability to handle the ball in a half court set and in transition. Braxton has a decent mid range game to go along with his ball handling. He received a top 20 all star game nod also. One thing that Braxton needs to work on is developing is his jump shot and better post skills so when he is matched with smaller players he can take full advantage. He showed why he is one of Tennessee's top players for the 2016 class. Auburn University has taken notice of Mr. Blackwells play and gave him his first offer. I'm sure many more colleges will soon following suit. Braxton Blackwell is a Nations Elite Prospect!!! 

Friday, July 13, 2012


      Algevon Eichelberger is a player that every team needs and he showed why at the fab frosh camp. Algevon was a rebound magnet. His great foot work was on full display while he showed off an arsenal of post moves and mid range jumpers that kept defenses guessing. He led the fast break a few times and hit his open team mates. His stellar play got him selected to the top 20 all star game which he just so happened to dominate. He has sneaky athleticism that he showed off with a power dunk through traffic for the first play of the all star game. Mr. Eichelberger is going to have to start stepping out of the post more. He has to continue working on his jump shot and ball handling. If he does, he has a chance to be a special player. Algevon Eichelberger is a Nations Elite Prospect!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


     Edrice Adebayo is basically a young man in a grown mans body. He is super athletic and can jump out of the gym. During camp Edrice ran the floor well and was a blocking machine during game play. When he was in transition he finished well at the rim. He was teamed up with VJ King and Christian Turner during game play. It was a treat to see him in action with high caliber players getting him the ball. He was a top 20 allstar game selection and he deserved it. For the next phase of his career (high school) he needs to get his foot work together and get some good post moves to go along with the nice mid range shot he has. This kids future is very bright. I know I'm going to see him on somebodies D1 squad in a few years. He is a Nations Elite Prospect!

Monday, July 9, 2012


    Mr. Winston is very crafty and elusive with the ball in his hands. He was one of the best guards in the camp. He isn't the fastest guard but he has deceptive speed. A plus for Cassius is that he knows when to play fast and when to play slow. He has a nice mid range game. He also has good range from the three point line but he has to become more consistent with his shot. His play got him selected to the top 20 allstar game. Keep your ears open because I'm sure we'll hear allot about Mr. Winston ballin out in the state of Mi. He is a Nations Elite Prospect!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


    VJ King played well at the 2012 Fab Frosh camp. The year he spent playing high school ball in NC. has really paid off. His game is very smooth and refined. You can tell he has patented it after a certain NBA player (Kobe). That game was put on full display during team play. He showed he possessed a nice mid range game. His height and frame made it easy for him to attack the basket. VJ played his way into the top 20 all star game. His play in that game was no where near a measurement of how he performed overall at the camp. He was guarded by Jayson Tatum in the top 20 game and he  made it a point to play top notch defense on Mr. King. So his output in the top 20 all star game wasn't his best. VJ will be a player to watch for years to come. He should be number one on every body's ranking after AAU nationals if he isn't already. He is definitely a Nations Elite Prospect!

Friday, July 6, 2012


     We really enjoyed watching this kid play. His game has improved even from when we just saw him at the John Lucas IMSC. He is a team player and exhibited that at the Fab Frosh Camp. He is a good slasher and handles the ball well. He was selected to play in the top 20 all star game. In that game he was given the assignment to defend VJ King and did a great job. He basically shut him down. His shooting range needs to improve and he needs to get stronger but overall Mr. Tatum has a very bright future. Keep an eye out for this Nations Elite Prospect.


    Willie Jackson is a walking high light reel. Mr. Jackson was dunking anything that came off the rim. He came to the fab frosh to try and make a name for himself and did just that. He was a top 20 allstar game selection.  His offensive game is mainly alleys and dunks at this point. He is going to have to work on his mid range game and also his ball handling to prepare for high school.  I expect to continue to hear nothing but good things from this Ohio native who will be attending Garfield high school in Cleavland.

Ben Coupet @ The 2012 Fab Frosh Camp

     We got the chance to see Mr. Coupet play several times at the Fab Frosh camp. His performance at the camp led to him being selected to play in the top 20 allstar game. He played on a very talented team at the camp that had two additional top 20 players (Eron Gordon and Algevon Eichelberger). The main part of his game that stands out right now is his slashing ability. He got to the basket at will. He made several above the rim plays so theres no questioning his athleticism. He is going to have to improve his mid range game and 3pt. shot. That should come in time as he continues to work on his game. This kid has a ton of potential. He will be attending Simeon high school in Chicago this fall. His father also attended Simeon and was a very good player there. So from all indications, like father like son.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


                                                John Lucas speaking to the campers.

    The 2012 John Lucas IMSC was packed full of major talent this year. The camp catered to elite players of the class of 2016; which I believe has the potential to be one best classes we've seen. There were also some elite 2017 campers in attendance. Day one started out with John Lucas addressing the players and letting them know that he expected them to work hard and give their all while there. Then the players took a test which asked questions which could help forecast a future career.  The test was a nice addition to the camp which showed the kids that life is not just about basketball, its also about planning for a future beyond basketball.

Campers taking their tests
    Next up was a warm up period which consisted of stretching. Then came the station segment of the camp. The stations were dynamic and consisted of ball handling, pull up jumpers, combo moves and several other game situations. There was a yoga station and a strengthening and conditioning station that took place outside on the track. The players went hard at each station; giving each other all they could. There was one station that had the players go one on one that was great. I got the chance to see Jayshaun Agosto and (2017) Jaylin Fleming go at each other in that station. (Click on the last sentence to see video of the two.)  The part of the camp that we all were waiting for was next and that was the scrimmage play of the teams the staff had pre-selected to team up and battle each other. Every position was represented well, from the bigs to the guards. There were tons of high light reel dunks, drop steps, threes, cross overs and lets not forget defense, lol. Day two of the camp was just as good as the first. The players stretched and got right into their stations. During the scrimmage play I noticed that some players had stepped up their game from the day before. That's just a testament to the talent that was on hand. Over all this camp had the most talent I have ever seen assembled in one venue from kids in this class. The camp was well ran and very organized. The staff on hand was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to push each player. I can't forget the man "John Lucas".  He spoke to the kids from his heart about his life story and what path to take to get what they need out of this game. So good job Mr. Lucas, Brian Merrit and staff.

                            JOHN LUCAS IMSC TOP 30 PLAYERS

1. Deron Davis 6'9 Denver, CO

2. Joshua Langford 6'4  Huntsville, AL

3. Khalea Turner  6'8 Marrero, LA

4.  Rodney Miller Jr.  6'9  Laurelton, NY
5.  Jayson Tatum  6'5 St. Louis, MO 
6.  Raekwon Bush 6'7 New Orleans, LA
7.  Nnamdi Collins 6'9 Little Rock, AR
8.  Benjamin Coupet 6'6 Chicago, IL
9.  Christian Ellis 6'2  Tracy, CA
10. Adrian Moore  6'3 Conway, AR
11. Mongo Cornett 6'6 Houston, TX
12. Nyrhique Smith 6'2 Tinton Falls, NJ
13. Mario Kelger 6'6 Jackson, MS
14. Algevon Eichelberger jr 6'6  Saginaw, MI
15. Omili Maxwell 6'8 Benton, AR
16. DeShawn Wilson 6'3 Colorado Springs, CO
17. Gilbert Thomas Jr 6'5 Houston, TX
18. Mark Vital 6'3 Lafayette, LA
19. Devin Young 6'6 Citrus Heights, CA
20. James Walker 6'3 College Park, GA

21. Cameron McGriff 6'4  Grand Prairie, TX
22. Nijal Pearson 6'4 Beaumont, TX
23. Kobi' Jordan Stephens Sims 6'4 Alpharetta, GA

24. Derrick Daniels 6'7 Dayton, OH
25. Quentin Goodin 6'2  Campbellsville, KY
26. Christian Turner 5'9 Tyrone, GA
27. Wayde Sims 6'5  Baton Rouge, LA
28. Reggie Taylor 6'8 Memphis, TN,
29. Loren Jackson 5'4  Bradenton, FL
30. Jashoun Agosto 5'5 Federal Way, WA                                                    

Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Buckeye Prep Invitational

  Nations Elite Prospects made its way to Ohio to check out the Buckeye Prep Invitational Tourney.This years Buckeye Prep Tourney in Columbus, Oh. was a huge success. I watched a lot of games and was really impressed with the talent level. Teams from all around came to lay claim to the Buckeye Prep championship trophy. There were several good teams and stand out players in the 14u thru 17u divisions. Below are the tournament winners and MVP players. 
                                             Dorians Pride-8th grade Champions
                                        Algevon Eichelberger Jr.-8th grade MVP

   The 8th grade Dorian Prides team had an uphill battle getting to the championship game. They dropped two games the first day of play. One of those loses was to TNBA. The team they ended up defeating in the championship game. Dorians Pride was lead by the play of Algevon Eichelberger jr. He lead  his team with 27pts. and 12 rebounds per game. He was the MVP of the 8th grade division. 

                                      All Ohio Purple-9th grade Champions

                                                  James Bolden-9th grade MVP  
   All Ohio Purple played great the entire tournament. They played good defense which led to a lot of easy buckets in transition. They really played great together as a team. In the championship game they played against All Ohio Elite.  They were lead in the championship game  by James Bolden their 5'10" pg. Bolden can flat out play! Bolden has great handles and a very high basketball IQ.  He received the nod for MVP for his strong performance and smart play.  

                                          Ohio Varsity-10th grade Champions

                                               Davaunte Wilson-10th grade MVP

    The Ohio Varsity 10th grade squad is starting to make some noise around the Ohio area.    They took down a tough Dayton Net/Buckeye Prep team for the Championship. They moved the ball well and made several key stops to get to the victory. They were led by the stellar play of Davaunte Wilson who was chosen as MVP.

                               King James Shooting Stars-11th grade Champions        

                                                     Aaron Jackson-17u MVP      

     We didn't get to catch the championship game between the Shooting Stars and Nova Village but we heard the Shooting Stars put on a clinic. We were told that they were running on all cylinders. They were led by the talented Aaron Jackson who received the MVP trophy for his strong play.

                                 World Wide Sun Devils (GA)-4th grade Champions

                                                  Caleb Murphy-4th grade MVP 

     Normally we don't report on the young kids but we had to make an exception this time. We were watching another game and heard a lot of commotion on another court and decided to take a look. It was the 4th grade World Wide Sun Devils versus Team Toledo  Flash. It was a very close game but World Wide pulled out the win. That was only a pool play game! They met up again in the championship game which was just as entertaining as the  1st game. World Wide pulled out a victory in the championship game also. Kudos to two well coached young teams.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


                                                           SETH TOWNS

    Seth Towns from Columbus, Oh. is a rising player in the 2016 class. I've had the opportunity to watch Seth the last couple of years and I've seen steady improvements. This year he really impressed me when I observed him play at the Buckeye Prep tourney in Ohio. I can tell from his new skill set that he has really worked hard on his game. He now pushes the rock for the fast break off the rebound; added a nice mid range game and has stepped up his defense. His AAU team the Ohio Warriors went on a 5-0 run at the Buckeye Prep but they eventually bowed out to the team that won the entire tournament. Keep working hard young man. We see you!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shabazz Muhammad is the Morgan Wootten Player of the Year!!

    Which ever school lands Mr. Muhammad will basically be deemed (in my eyes) as lottery winners. This kid will make an impact the moment he steps on the court. He has an explosiveness to his game that hasn't been seen out  of a high school player in years.  All these attributes have led to Muhammad being selected as the McDonald's player of the year. Muhammad was one of six finalists for the Wootten award. Kyle Anderson of St. Anthony's (Jersey City, N.J.), Brandon Ashley of Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.), Isaiah Austin of Grace Prep (Arlington, Texas), Marcus Paige of Linn-Mar (Marion, Iowa) and Marcus Smart of Marcus (Flower Mound, Texas) were the other finalists. In my opinion, Mr. Muhammad is a one and done player if he elevates his game on the college level as he has done in high school. Schools are salivating waiting on his decision.  Be sure to catch Mr. Muhammad playing in the McDonald's All-American Game on March 28 in Chicago (ESPN, 9:30 p.m. ET).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

(2016) Algevon Eichelberger Jr. Sparks Recruitment Interest

  Colleges recruiting a middle school basketball player is not always the norm, but it is starting to become more prevalent among elite players.  Algevon Eichelberger Jr, a 6'5 PF out of Saginaw, Mi, is one of those elite players schools are now paying attention to.  He received a recruiting letter from Iowa of the Big Ten conference and we found out that it's not his first.  He has also received interest from the University of Detroit of the Horizon Conference.  Algevon currently attends Reuben Daniels Middle School and will be attending Saginaw High School in the Fall.  I watched Algevon at the Jr. All American Camp and at AAU Nationals last year.  I was very impressed with his foot work, his ability to score at will in the paint, and how he pushed the ball on the break.  If he keeps improving, he should have letters by the garbage bag full coming to his door.  So, congratulations to Algevon and all the other elite players out there being recruited as middle schoolers.  Keep working hard!

Friday, February 10, 2012

In honor of Black History month we bring you: EARL LLOYD


Article via
  Earl Lloyd, now 81 years old, lives in Detroit with his wife, Charlita. He remains proud of his role in history, and he should be. On that historic night in 1950, Lloyd opened a door that thousands of others have walked through.
"I don't think my situation was anything like Jackie Robinson's -- a guy who played in a very hostile environment, where even some of his own teammates didn't want him around," said Lloyd. "In basketball, folks were used to seeing integrated teams at the college level. There was a different mentality. But of course, the team did stay and eat in some places where I wasn't welcome.
"I remember in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we stayed at a hotel where they let me sleep, but they wouldn't let me eat. They didn't want anyone to see me. Heck, I figured if they let me sleep there, I was at least halfway home. You have to remember, I grew up in segregated Virginia, so I had seen this stuff before. Did it make me bitter? No. If you let yourself become bitter, it will eat away at you inside. If adversity doesn't kill you, it makes you a better person."
Earl Lloyd is not a household name like Jackie Robinson, who broke major league baseball's color barrier in 1947. There are several reasons for that. With Lloyd, Clifton, and Cooper all joining the NBA during the same season, none of them had to carry the burden alone the way Robinson did. In fact, Cooper made his debut with the Boston Celtics just one day after Lloyd played his first game with Washington. And with Robinson already playing baseball, the debut of African-Americans in the NBA was not met with the same level of tension.
But Lloyd had many uncomfortable moments. After a game in Fort Wayne, Lloyd and one of his teammates, John "Red" Kerr, were walking off the floor together after a victory.
"We were celebrating the win, I had my arm around Earl, and some fans just spit on us," said Kerr, a former great player who now broadcasts Chicago Bulls games. "It wasn't because we had won the game. They were spitting at Earl."
On another occasion, a diner refused service to Lloyd, so he returned to his hotel room to eat. Horace "Bones" McKinney was Washington's coach at the time. In a show of support, McKinney went to Lloyd's room and joined him for dinner. Gestures like that helped Lloyd keep going.
"Bones was from Wake Forest, N.C., the Deep South, and he had been raised in the South during the '30s and '40s," said Lloyd. "You know he didn't have to do that. Things like that you don't forget."
Nicknamed "Big Cat," Lloyd was drafted in the ninth round by the Capitols after a successful career at West Virginia State College. A 6-6 forward known for his defense, he often guarded the other team's best offensive player. The Washington franchise folded during Lloyd's first year, but he joined the Syracuse Nationals the next season. During the 1954-55 season, Lloyd average 10.2 points and 7.7 rebounds, helping the Nationals win the NBA title. Lloyd retired in 1960 at the age of 32, ending his career with the Detroit Pistons, and finishing with career averages of 8.4 points and 6.4 rebounds.
After spending the next 10 years as a scout and assistant coach, Lloyd became the first African-American coach of the Pistons during the 1971-72 season, after Butch van Breda Kolff resigned. But the Pistons were just 20-52 the rest of the season, and Lloyd was fired just seven games into the next season.
"Coaching is only fun if you win," said Lloyd, laughing. "I didn't win. It wasn't fun."
But Lloyd found success elsewhere. He spent more than 10 years, working for the Detroit Board of Education, and he currently works in the community relations department of Dave Bing, Inc.
Lloyd is so modest that many of his friends don't know about his place in history.
"When you're 70 years old, if you start telling people that you were the first black man to play in the NBA, people look at you like you're crazy," said Lloyd. "Besides, I've never been one to blow my own horn."
However, Lloyd was the answer to a trivia question on the television show, Jeopardy!, a few years ago, and his telephone started ringing. Friends were shocked and surprised. Lloyd just sat back and laughed.
Still in good health, Lloyd was enshrined in the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame in 1993. [In 2003, Earl F. Lloyd was inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as a contributor.] He follows the NBA by watching games from his home, knowing that he played a role in helping make the league what it is today.
"Earl was a great teammate," said Kerr. "He's also a great guy and a hero."

Final Rosters Unveiled for the 2012 McDonald's All American® Games




                   EAST TEAM                                                  

Kyle AndersonSt. Anthony (Jersey City, N.J.)SFUCLA
DaJuan ColemanJamesville-Dewitt (DeWitt, N.Y.)CSyracuse
Kris DunnNew London (New London, Conn.)PGProvidence
Perry EllisWichita Heights (Wichita, Kan.)PFKansas
Shaq GoodwinSouthwest DeKalb (Decatur, Ga.)PFMemphis
Gary HarrisHamilton Southeastern (Fishers, Ind.)SGMichigan State
Amile JeffersonFriends' Central (Wynnewood, Pa.)PFUndecided
Tyler LewisOak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.)PGN.C. State
Tony ParkerMiller Grove (Lithonia, Ga.)PFUndecided
Alex PoythressNortheast (Clarksville, Tenn.)SFKentucky
Rodney PurvisUpper Room Christian Academy (Raleigh, N.C.)SGN.C. State
T.J. WarrenBrewster Academy (Wolfeboro, N.H.)SF
N.C. State

                            WEST TEAM

Brandon AshleyFindlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.)PFArizona
Isaiah AustinGrace Prep (Arlington, Texas)CBaylor
Anthony BennettFindlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.)PFUndecided
Yogi FerrellPark Tudor (Indianapolis)PGIndiana
Archie GoodwinSylvan Hills (Sherwood, Ark.)SGKentucky
Grant JerrettLa Verne Lutheran (La Verne, Calif.)PFArizona
Shabazz MuhammadBishop Gorman (Las Vegas)SFUndecided
Marcus PaigeLinn-Mar (Marion, Iowa)PGNorth Carolina
Devonta PollardKemper County (De Kalb, Miss.)PFUndecided
Cameron RidleyBush (Fort Bend, Texas)CTexas
Marcus SmartMarcus (Flower Mound, Texas)SGOklahoma State
Rasheed SulaimonStrake Jesuit (Houston)SGDuke

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Jordan Brand Classic Team Announced

  The Jordan Brand Classic is being held at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday, April 14, 2012. This year’s game will once again be televised LIVE on ESPN. Below are the rosters for the east and west teams. 

East Team

Name Pos Hgt Wgt High School (School Location) College
Kyle AndersonPF6-7210St. Anthony H.S. (Jersey City, NJ)UCLA
Kris DunnPG6-3180New London H.S. (New London, CT)Providence
Jerami GrantWF6-7200DeMatha Catholic H.S. (Hyattsville, MD)Syracuse
Gary HarrisWG6-4195Hamilton Southeastern H.S. (Fishers, IN)Michigan State
Brice JohnsonPF6-9210Edisto H.S. (Cordova, SC)North Carolina
Ricardo LedoWG6-6180South Kent School (South Kent, CT)Providence
Tony ParkerC6-9270Miller Grove H.S. (Lithonia, GA)Undecided
Rodney PurvisPG6-4190Upper Room Christian Academy (Raleigh, NC)N.C. State
Kaleb TarczweskiC7-0240St. Mark’s School (Southborough, MA)Arizona
J.P. TokotoWF6-6195Menomonee Falls H.S. (Milwaukee, WI)North Carolina

West Team

Name Pos Hgt Wgt High School (School Location) College
Brandon AshleyPF6-8215Findlay Prep (Henderson, NV)Arizona
Isaiah AustinC7-0210Grace Prep (Arlington, TX)Baylor
Anthony BennettPF6-8230Findlay Prep (Henderson, NV)Undecided
Archie GoodwinWG6-5181Sylvan Hills H.S. (Little Rock, AR)Kentucky
Danuel HouseWF6-6185Hightower H.S. (Houston, TX)Houston
Grant JerrettWF6-10220La Verne Lutheran H.S. (La Verne, CA)Arizona
Shabazz MuhammadWF6-6215Bishop Gorman H.S. (Las Vegas, NV)Undecided
Marcus PaigePG6-1160Linn-Mar H.S. (Marion, IA)North Carolina
Alex PoythressWF6-7215Northeast H.S. (Clarksville, TN)Kentucky
Rasheed SulaimonWG6-3275Strake Jesuit College Prep (Houston, TXDuke

Saturday, January 28, 2012


     Players who are elite basketball talents in their city and town need to come and try out for the 2012 KBA Prodigy games. The concept came together by some of the NBA's greatest players wanting to give back to the community and mentor some of the elite middle school basketball talent in the country.

The event i...s FREE to all players and one parent who make the 12 player roster for the city in which they tryout (You can only tryout in one city). Cities that will be hosting teams in 2012 are Los Angeles, Bay Area, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Atlanta, D.C. Metro Area, Chicago, Charlotte, New Orleans, Memphis, Detroit, Cleveland, New York, and New Jersey. States that are close to these 16 try out cities can try out in the cities close to them.

Players who compete in the 2012 Prodigy Games will win money for their AAU Team (That have a 501c) and for their middle school. These games have no AAU affiliation and is a one time a year event. In addition the games will be watched by some of the top scouting services, and college coaches in the country. All games will be streamed live on the web for world wide viewing.

Teams will be coached by Ex-NBA players and are intended to bridge the gap between the players and the community. Ex-NBA Mentor coaches who will participate are but not limited to Mark Aguire, Penny Hardaway, George Gervin, Derrick Harper, Charles Oakley, AC Green, Moses Malone, Gary Peyton, Jalen Rose, Bernard King, Rick Mahorn to name a few.

(This should be a great event for all elite middle school players.Great experience for all involved .) NEP

Nations Elite Prospects 2014 Rankings

HeightPositionHometown, State
1.  Andrew Wiggins6'-7"SFHuntington Prep (WV)
2.Dakari Johnson6'-10"CMontverde Academy (FL)
3.Jahlil Okafor6'-8"C Whitney Young (IL)
4.Tyus Jones6'-0"PGApple Valley (MN)
5.Noah Vonleh6'-7"PFNew Hampton (NH)
6.Theo Pinson6'-5"SGWesleyan Christian (NC)
7.Emmanuel Mudiay6'-3"PGGrace Prep (TX)
8.Cliff Alexander6'-9"CCurie (IL)
9.Chris McCulough6'-8"PFSalisbury School (CT)
10.Justin Jackson6'-6"SGHCYA (TX)
11.Wayne Selden6'-4"SGTilton School (NH)
12.Trey Lyles6'-7"PFArsenal Tech (IN)
13.Cliff Alexander6'-9"CCurie (IL)
14.Justise Winslow6'-6"SFSaint John's (TX)
15.JaQuan Lyle6'-4"PGBosse (IN)
16.Craig Victor6'-7"PFSt. Augustine (LA)
17.DeAngelo Russell6'-3"SGCentral (KY)
18.Paul White6'-8"SFWhitney Young (IL)
19.Kevon Looney6'-7"SFHamilton (WI)
20.Leron Black6'-7"PFWhite Station (TN)
21.Isaiah Whitehead6'-4"SGLincoln (NY)
22.Jaquan Lyle6'4"SGEvansville, IN
23.Stanley Johnson6'-5"SFMater Dei (CA)
24.Shaqquan Aaron6'-6"SFTaft (CA)
25.Devon Hall6'-5"PGCape Henry (VA)
26.Justice Winslow6'-3"PFHouston, Tx.
27.Craig Victor6'6CNew Orleans, LA
28.Jabaris Singleton
New Orleans, LA
 29. Trey Thompson6'7WFMadison, AR
30. Riley Norris6'5WFSand Rock, AL
31.Trayvon Reed6'9C Montgomery, AL
32.Christopher Davis6'5WF Jackson, MS
33.Dereck Newton6'42G Sierra, CA
34.Trevon Bluiett6'4WF Indianapolis, IN
35.Tyler Herron6'8C Cleveland, OH
36.Simi Socks6'6CGrand Prairie, TX
37.Kevi Zabo6'2PGOttawa, CAN
38.Shaqquan Aaron6'5SF Santa Ana, CA
39.Ali Vaughn6'4WF Columbus, GA
40.Jackson Davis6'7WF Lexington, KY
41.Micah Seaborn6'5WF Benbrook, TX
42.Devon Hall6'4PGVirginia Beach,VA
43.James Blackmon6'2
 Ft. Wayne, IN
44.Joel Berry5'112G Casselberry, FL
45.Jordan Cornish6'32G Slidell, LA
46.Jalen Lindsay6'5WF Nashville, TN
47.Moses Newman6'6CFt.Lauderdale FL
48.Sean O'Mara6'8CGlendale Heights, IL
49.Shep Garner6'22G Chester, PA
50.Thomas Holley6'4PF Queens, NY
51.Kobe Eubanks6'3WFFt.Lauderdale,FL
52.Robert Steele6'6PF Huntsville, AL
53.Corey Stewart6'22GLima, OH
54.Drake Harris6'0PGGrand Rapids, MI
55.Alex Robinson6'0PGFt. Worth, TX
56.Larry Austin6'2PGSpringfield, IL
57.Brandon Entienne5'10PGCrosby, TX
58.Brandon Austin6'5WFPhiladelphia, PA
59.Ronnie Williams6'12GColumbus, OH
60.Marcellus Jones6'42GGarfield Heights, OH
61.Devorice Milbry6'5PFMadison, AL
62.Avery Edwards6'5WFWake Forest, NC
63.Jacob Parker6'3WFHuntsville, AL
64.Malik Yarborough6'2WFZion, IL
65.C.J. Davis5'11PGFar Rockaway, NY
66.Leroy Butts6'4CClinton, MD
67.John Roberts5'10PGIndianapolis, IN
68.Dylan Portwood6'2WFGeorgetown, KY
69.Anton Beard5'10PGParkview, AR
70.Connor McCullough6'5WFStillwell, KS
71.Wa'Mere Murphy6'2WFWilmington, DE
72.Tyonte Robinson5'11PGCincinnati, OH
73.Jake Wright6'12GMinneapolis, MN
74.Marquavious Johnson6'0SGRaleigh, NC
75.Joseph Burton6'4CHouston, TX
76.Paul Turner6'42GLos Angles, CA
77.Jonathan Carson6'3PFMilwaukee, WI
78.Jaquan Newton6'1PGPhiladelphia, PA
79.Chancellor Ellis6'2WFQueens, NY
80.Richard Lee6'1PFLake Worth, FL
81.Brandon Hatton6'02GCovington, KY
82.Marcell Johnson6'2WFCharlotte, NC
83.Arnold Wilson5'10WFGary, IN
84.Shavar Newark6'4PGNew York, NY
85.TaRon Ayers5'10PGBeckley, WV
86.Grant Bryant6'3PFKennessaw, GA
87.Roderick Taylor6'4PFJackson, MS
88.Tim Wilkerson6'12GSchaumburg, IL
89.Marsalis Johnson6'6CVan Nuys, CA
90.Tony Upchurch6'4PFLas Vegas, NV
91.Tyler Wideman6'6CMerrillville, IN
92.Eric Austin6'0WFClive, IA
93.Tadrick Jackson5'11PGTifton, GA
94.Tim Quashe5'112GTemecula, CA
95.Zach McCormick5'112GChicago, IL
96.David Murell6'3WFMilwaukee, WI
97.Adonys Henriquez6'32GMemphis, TN
98.Antonio Holder6'0PGBrentwood School, CA
99.Austin Tilghman6'1PGAthens, GA
100.William Walker5'10PGGarner, NC